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Univ. of CA San Diego - Patent Library USPatent and Trademark Office 大学。 CA的圣地亚哥-专利图书馆 USPatent和商标局

Protection of Patent and Trademarks:


Patent and Trademark registration is your best protection from infringement. If you have created a new idea you feel may need a patent, or, you have a unique symbol or trademark which identifies your product and consider it valuable - nurture and protect it! 專利和商標註冊是您最好的保護不受侵害。如果您已經創建了一個新的想法,你覺得可能需要一個專利,或者,你有一個獨特的符號或商標標識的產品,並認為它有價值-培育和保護它!

General Information about Patents and Trademarks: 一般信息,专利和商标:
Each and every patent and trademark matter is different, as are the facts surrounding it. 每个专利和商标问题是不同的,因为事实是围绕着它。 Consequently, the contents of this website are intended only to be general information regarding patents and trademarks. 因此,本网站的内容仅是一般资料专利和商标。 As it is general information about patents and trademarks, it should not be considered legal advice regarding your individual patent or trademark matter. 因为它是一般信息,专利和商标,但它不应被视为法律咨询关于您个人的专利或商标的问题。 Should you desire specific legal advice regarding your patents or trademarks, you are encouraged to contact a patent attorney who is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. 如果你的愿望具体的法律咨询意见的专利或商标,你要鼓励联系专利律师是谁登记的美国专利和商标局。

12702 Via Cortina, Suite 100
Del Mar, CA 92014
12702 威盛科尔蒂纳丹,套房 100
德玛,美国加利福尼亚 92014

Phone: (858) 509-1400 Fax: (858) 509-1677 (map) 电话:(858)509-1400 传真:(858)509-1677

Offices in San Diego, California and Bend, Oregon 办公室设在加利福尼亚州圣地亚哥和弯曲,俄勒冈州